Brice Equipment provides an array of services, from onsite mechanics and service trucks to support equipment and oilfield services. We pride ourselves on our reputation for anticipating client needs. You can count on Brice Equipment to be there when you need us most.

List of services provided:

  • Onsite mechanics, service trucks, materials and logistic support
  • Raw water loading
  • Gravel crushing
  • Maintenance and Smart Pigging support services
  • Pressure testing and commissioning pipelines
  • Torque spec and verification
  • Chemical injection services
  • Pipeline and related facility maintenance and operations (including within PSM and USDOT OQ covered areas)
  • Leak Detection System (SCADA) monitoring and maintenance
  • Pipeline inspection and repair digs
  • Scaffolding/insulation removal and replacement to support pipeline inspections & repairs
  • Flowmeter and valve maintenance and repairs
  • Instrument checks and calibrations
  • Emergency Spill Response training, drills, and exercises as primary responders to emergencies
  • Asbestos abatement, lead abatement and confined space entries
  • Underground vault cleanup operations